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CropFuse™ COC is a crop oil concentrate blend with paraffinic oil and premium quality surfactant by Meristem Crop Performance™.

Your all-in-one approved tank mix partner.


  • Improves spray solution coverage and penetration
  • Increases spray solution dwell time on leaf surface
  • Increases the activity of herbicides and enhances performance
  • Compatible with UAN and AMS, even in cold water


The CropFuse™ COC product comes in two size options:

  • 5 gallons (2 x 2.5 gal Jugs) 
  • 250 gallon tote



CropFuse™ COC should be used at the following rates and uses:

  • Ground:  1-2 pints per acre
  • Aerial: 1-2% v/v in 1-5 gallons of water per acre


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