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Up-Line™ is a co-pack of Meristem's UpShift™ Pop-Up fertilizer and Revline™ plant growth regulator designed to deliver farmers improved convenience at a better price. 

Up-Line™ 6-25-6+ by Meristem Crop Performance™ is a low-salt, 80/20 ratio of ortho-to- polyphosphate liquid fertilizer combined with a premium blend of 100% fully chelated EDTA micronutrients. Combined with one quart of Zinc per 5 gallon use rate, UpShift is designed to put your crop on the fast track to higher yields.

REVLINE™ is an EPA registered plant growth regulator (PGR) offered by Meristem Crop Performance™. REVLINE™ is one of the highest performing PGR formulations with active ingredients known to promote early season root growth with enhanced nutrient uptake that builds plant mass in corn, soybeans and wheat.


  • Seed-safe, low-salt blend
  • High quality fertilizer ingredients to maximize plant availability and uptake
  • Addresses nutritional needs critical to early season growth and development
  • Accelerates early season vigor and uniform emergence
  • Drives maximum root growth and plant mass
  • Prepares plants to deal with season-long stressors
  • Micronutrients include: Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc

The Up-Line™ fertilizer and plant growth regulator product comes in two size options:

  • 250 gallons totes provide for 50 acres of Corn, Soybean, or Wheat at the recommended 5 gallons per acre use rate.
  • 4,300 gallon bulk tanks provide for 860 acres of Corn, Soybean or Wheat at the recommended 5 gallons per acre use rate.



Up-Line™ is formulated and labeled for foliar and in-furrow applications on corn, soybeans and wheat at 5 gallons per acre.


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