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Crary PRO® 7' Tile Plow Model 712

Crary PRO® 7' Tile Plow Model 712

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Crary Tile PRO® 7' Tile Plow - Model 712  

    Dual-Link Control: Offers both pitch & elevation grade control, similar to a commercial tile plow.

    Traction Advantage: Crary® Tile PRO®’s unique frame-mounted design achieves superior and unmatched traction through active weight transfer, which is not possible with pull-type plows.

    Steerable Plow: A complete steerable plow for dozers and 2-track tractors lets both tracks pull with 100% ground contact. Steer your tractor with the plow like a boat rudder.


    • Increased yields
    • Improved conditions extend crop production
    • Reduced equipment related costs
    • Soil moisture control
    • Plant earlier
    • Increased land value
    • Controls soil erosion
    • Commercial grade equipment that pays for itself
    • 1 Year Warranty


    Additional Items to consider:
    • 4", 5", 6",8",10", and 12" boots available 
    • QuickTach - Hitch assembly kit for: Buhler Versatile, Case, Caterpillar, Challenger, John Deere, New Holland, Universal Mount and Dozer linkages available)
    • TilePro Power Feeder
    • Stringer Trailer
    • Trimble Water Management Kit 
    • Trimble WM Drain Software for Tile Design


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