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EclipseUS™ Tank Cleaner is a strong spray system cleaner designed to remove oily residues that can build up throughout a sprayer system. When used with proper tank cleaning practices, EclipseUS Tank Cleaner is a valuable tool to avoid cross-contamination from a wide range of crop protection products, including dicamba.

Your all-in-one approved tank mix partner.


  • Removes dried-on residues from incompatible tank mixes
  • Protects against crop injury and yield loss
  • Solubilizes oily residue build-up for more complete cleaning
  • Accelerated breakdown of pesticides
  • Anti-corrosion inhibitors protect equipment pumps, seals and plumbing


The EclipseUS™ Tank Cleaner product is available in a one gallon size.



    EclipseUS™ Tank Cleaner should be used at a rate of 2 quarts per 100 gallons of rinsate.


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