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HOMESTRETCH™ B is designed for maximum nutrient mobility and performance, with one of the most efficient and user friendly forms of boron available.

Boron is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies. Without sufficient levels of boron many plant functions can be impaired. Low B can negatively impact vegetative and reproductive growth, cell and tissue growth and reproductive capacity.


  • Provides up to 8x more efficiency and mobility than 10% boron
  • Highly soluble and stable across a broad pH range
  • Boron will not precipitate when it comes in contact with acidic solutions
  • Compatible with other micronutrients, including Zn and Ca
  • Compatible with insecticides, herbicides and fungicides that have very specific pH ranges

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HOMESTRETCH™ Boron 5% should be applied at 0.5-1 pint per acre per application throughout the growing season.  More frequent applications at 1 pint per acre may be needed to correct deficiencies once they occur.


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