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Homestretch™ MaintaiN Below Ground Nitrogen Stabilization



HOMESTRETCH™ MaintaiN by Meristem™ Crop Performance is an advanced nitrogen management system that increases nitrogen availability and uptake, in addition to reducing nitrogen loss. HOMESTRETCH™ MaintaiN treats the nitrogen fertilizer so that it’s maintained in a stabilized and available form.



  • Reduces leaching by 47%
  • Increases nitrogen availability and uptake
  • Does not kill beneficial soil bacteria
  • Manages nitrogen during key growth stages
  • Non-corrosive calcium-based polymer
  • No planting restrictions 


N-Gear is available in 5 gallon (2 x 2.5 gal jugs) and 250 gallon tote quantities.



HOMESTRETCH™ MaintaiN is intended for use as a penetrant with anhydrous ammonia, liquid fertilizers, and liquid manures. HOMESTRETCH™ MaintaiN is intended to be used as a supplement to a regular fertilizer program and may not, by itself, provide all nutrients required by crops and other plants.


ANHYDROUS AMMONIA: Use 6 oz. of HOMESTRETCH™ MaintaiN per 50 units of nitrogen.

LIQUID FERTILIZERS: Use 2 qts (64 oz.) of HOMESTRETCH™ MaintaiN per ton of UAN (28%, 30% or 32%)

LIQUID MANURES: Use 24 oz. to 32 oz. of HOMESTRETCH™ MaintaiN per acre.


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