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HOMESTRETCH™ Zinc 9% offers high quality, fully chelated EDTA micronutrients. The chelation shields and protects the nutrients, which prevents them from reacting and binding with other elements in the soil and other fertilizers. This protection helps ensure that nutrients remain available to the plant in a wide range of tank mixes, as well as pH and soil conditions.

HOMESTRETCH™ Zinc 9% can withstand even the most challenging soil conditions, such as high alkaline calcareous soils. HOMESTRETCH™ Zinc 9% also offers superior tank mix compatibility and will perform in complex tank mix situations, such as neutralized orthophosphate solutions.

HOMESTRETCH™ Zinc 9% has been approved as a tank mix partner with the 2, 4-D based herbicide, Enlist Duo® with Colex-D® Technology


  • Ideal for use with liquid starter fertilizers and as a foliar application in difficult tank mixes
  • Superior compatibility with:
    • Almost all NPK fertilizers
    • Thiosulfate solutions
    • Orthophosphates, Polyphosphates
    • High pH solutions
    • Nitrogen and SRN solutions
  • Application flexibility. May be mixed directly into growing media, applied as a soil drench or added to fertigation systems.
  • More efficient than other forms of nutrients; up to 6x ratio in harsh soil conditions

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HOMESTRETCH™ Zinc 9% should be applied at 1 quart per acre in a minimum of 10 gallons of water.  


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