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RACEREADY™ Complete seed treatment from Meristem Crop Performance™ gives your soybeans unsurpassed protection against harmful early-season pests through a best-in-class fungicide and insecticide package. Combined with a unique blend of inoculants, biologicals and polymers, RACREADY™ Complete drives exceptional early-season plant health and plantability.

RACEREADY™ Complete allows you to buy your seed treatment based on its total agronomic value for disease and insect protection. Above that, RACEREADY™ Complete offers a proprietary triple-stack inoculant, a proprietary liquid Trichoderma biological for better root development and starch-based extender/polymers for easier planting. For top performance and value pricing that leaves the competition in the dust, run with RACEREADY™ Complete.


  • Fungicide:  Systemic triple stacked fungicide with control of rhizoctonia damping off & seed rot, pythium, phytophthora, fusarium, phomopsis, pythium damping off, and phytophthora. 
  • Insecticide:  Systemic insecticide (Imidacloprid) proven to effectively protect your soybeans from a broad range of harmful insects.
  • Root Enhancement:  Increased early nodulation for maximum nutrient uptake & more robust root system development and improved photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Planting Ease:  Flo-Rite polymer and extender designed to improve seed flow, improve planting and reduce dust-off of actives.

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The RACEREADY™ Complete product comes in a 30 gallon size:

  • 30 gallons to treat 1,811 (50lb) bags of Soybean seed



RACEREADY™ Complete has two components: 

  1. The first component is a liquid premix available in a 30 gallon mini-drum. The pre-mix contains the fungicide, insecticide, FloRite1 and a colorant. The application rate for the premix is 2.12 oz per 50 lb of soybeans.
  2. The second component is a case that includes three separate parts: 1 bladder containing the inoculant, 2 cylinders of the liquid Trichoderma, & 2 cylinders of the extender/polymer.  The application rate for the biological components is 0.775 oz per 50 lb of soybeans.

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