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RACEREADY™ Corn Overcoat Seed Treatment from Meristem Crop Performance™ gives your corn a boost in nutritition needed for seed germination and growth, while keeping it safe from disease and ultimately enhancing yield and protein content.

RACEREADY™ Corn Overcoat Seed Treatment allows you to buy your seed treatment based on its total agronomic value for disease and insect protection. Above that, RACEREADY™ offers a fully-chelated micronutrient package, a multi-functional biological stimulant, an EPA approved growth stimulator and a special polymer for easy planting. For flexibility, yield-driven performance and value pricing not found with competitors, look to RACEREADY™


  • Nutrition:  Assists in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen
  • Biological & Growth Stimulant:  Stimulates the growing of roots to absorb more water and nutrients to become stronger and healthier, stimulates emergence and sprouting, and enhances plant vigor.
  • Seed Germination:  Boosts seed germination and vitality
  • Planting Ease:  polymer designed to improve seed flow, improve planting and reduce dust-off of actives.

The RACEREADY™ Complete product comes in a 30 gallon size:

  • 30 gallons to treat 1,290 (50lb) bags of Corn seed



RACEREADY™ Corn Overcoat Seed Treatment is an all-in-one premix designed for use in commercial liquid seed treatment systems.  The application rate for the premix is 2.97 oz per 50 lb of Corn seed. Can be applied directly to seed.

Note: adding 2 oz of water results in more consistent coverage. Simply connect the mini-drum to the slurry tank and set system to apply product at the suggested use rate. 


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