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RACEREADY™ Wheat seed treatment by Meristem Crop Performance™ shields your crop against harmful early-season disease and insects. With a best-in-class fungicide and insecticide package, RACEREADY Wheat delivers maximum protection through harvest - with your crop’s performance and profitability in mind.

RACEREADY™ allows you to buy your seed treatment based on its total agronomic value. With three different fungicides and an insecticide, RACEREADY™ gives you defense against a broad spectrum of diseases and insects.


  • Fungicide:  Systemic triple stacked fungicide with control of a wide range of labeled diseases on listed cereals including: General seed rots, seedling blight, root, foot, and crown rot caused by fusarium or rhizoctonia, seedling blight, common bunt, pythium damping off, loose smut and systemic downy mildew.
  • Insecticide:  Systemic insecticide (Imidacloprid) proven to effectively protect your soybeans from a broad range of harmful insects including wireworm, aphids, and hessian fly.
  • Planting Ease:  Polymer designed to improve seed flow, improve planting and reduce dust-off of actives.

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The RACEREADY™ Complete product comes in either of these sizes:

  • 5 gallons to treat 382 (50lb) bags of Wheat seed
  • 15 gallons to treat 1,146 (50lb) bags of Wheat seed
  • 30 gallons to treat 2,292 (50lb) bags of Wheat seed
  • 50 gallons to treat 3,820 (50lb) bags of Wheat seed
  • 250 gallons to treat 19,100 (50lb) bags of Wheat seed



RACEREADY™ F pre-mix contains the fungicide, insecticide, polymer and a colorant. The application rate for the premix is 3.35 cwt or 1.675 oz per 50 lb of wheat seed. Simply connect to the slurry tank and set system to apply product at the suggested use rate.

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