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RACEREADY™ INOCULANT was developed by the leading authority of soybean inoculants and is made with a unique blend of effective Rhizobia strains that allow for performance under a wide variety of soils, has been found in recent replicated trials to be adaptable to many different types of soils and soil compounds.

RACEREADY™ INOCULANT contains a triple stack Rhizobia strain package for top yield responses, backed by research and scientifically proven test plot results. Application is fast and easy and is compatible with other seed treatments.


  • Triple stack Rhizobia strain package for top yield responses
  • Has shown significant yield increases in soybeans in all planting conditions
  • Backed by research and scientifically proven test plot results
  • Fast and easy application
  • Compatible with other seed treatments
  • Developed by the best minds in Rhizobium genetics


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The RACEREADY™ Complete product comes in a 30 gallon size:

  • 105.82 fl oz bladder to treat 50 (50lb) bags of Soybean seed



Batch application:

Measure the appropriate amount of RACEREADY™ INOCULANT for the amount of seed being inoculated. Apply uniformly over the seed and stir until all seeds are coated. Plant seed immediately for optimal performance. Seed must be reinoculated if not planted within 3 days.

Bulk and continuous application:

Remove bag from box and attach applicator cap and tubing. Hang bag from loop on bag and apply to seed per instructions inside of box.

In-furrow use:

Only RACEREADY™ INOCULANT in spray tanks that have been cleaned and are free of all chemical residue. Dilute RACEREADY™ INOCULANT in non-chlorinated water. Recommended rate of non-chlorinated water per acre is 10 to 20 gallons. The 105.82 oz. bladder of RACEREADY™ INOCULANT will treat 12.5 acres.