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REVLINE™ is an EPA registered plant growth regulator (PGR) offered by Meristem Crop Performance™. REVLINE™ is one of the highest performing PGR formulations with active ingredients known to promote early season root growth with enhanced nutrient uptake that builds plant mass in corn, soybeans and wheat - all at a value that just makes sense.


  • Accelerates early season vigor and uniform emergence
  • Drives maximum root growth and plant mass
  • Prepares plants to deal with season-long stressors
  • Drives higher yields

The Revline™ PGR product comes in two size options:

  • 5 gallons (2 x 2.5 gallon jugs) to treat 853 (50lb) bags of Corn, Soybean, or Wheat seed.
  • 250 gallon tote to treat 42,666 (50lb) bags of Corn, Soybean or Wheat seed.


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REVLINE™ is formulated and labeled for foliar, in-furrow and seed treatment applications on corn, soybeans and wheat at the following recommended rates:

Foliar and In-furrow:  3 oz per acre

Seed treatment:  0.75 oz per 50 lbs of seed.


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