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CR7™ Guidance Display with 500S Receiver

CR7™ Guidance Display with 500S Receiver

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The Raven® CR7 is a 7-inch lightweight field computer with customizable in-job layouts. A simple widget concept, easily accessible settings, and ISO Universal Terminal (UT) and Task Controller capabilities make this mighty unit an affordable, plug-and-play system.  

This cost-effective solution offers great functionality and a simplified installation process, providing access to autosteering and application control for every farm.


Components Included w/ CR7 & 500S Receiver

  • CR7™ Display
  • 500S Receiver
  • Power and Communication Cabling
  • RAM Mount and Hardware Kit

CR7™ Features

  • 7′′ (17.8 cm) high-definition color touch-screen display
  • Multiple language support and customizable units
  • Simplified, customizable widget layout
  • Map-based navigation
  • Auto field boundaries keep you organized automatically
  • Interactive field/job list and map view
  • Slingshot-ready for file transfer, remote support, and OTA software updates
  • Compatible with Raven AccuBoom, serial SCS consoles, and external lightbar support
  • ISO Universal Terminal and Task Controller functionality via unlock
  • Straight A-B, A plus heading, pivot, contour, and last pass guidance
  • Compatible with autosteer products including SmarTrax and MD
  • Sub-meter single frequency GPS and GLONASS (optional external)
  • Scalable GPS (optional external)
  • 19 Supported languanges: English, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian

500S™ Receiver Features

  • Quick convergence time
  • Compact, low-profile design
  • Fixed or magnetic mounting options
  • Durable enclosure
  • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy
  • SBAS
  • Simple and fast setup
  • Seamless integration
  • Sub-meter accuracy

Available Correction Services

The Raven 500s receiver is capable of receiving subscriptions improving accuracy to 5 centimetres (2 inch).  Inquire Today.


Licenses are available for this CR7 Display under the licenses menu item at the top of the page.


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