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Graham Pro Dry Fertilizer Control Board

Graham Pro Dry Fertilizer Control Board

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 Graham Pro Dry Fertilizer Control Board 



  • Row-By-Row Population Control
  • Automatic Row-By-Row Shutoff
  • Manual Population Rate or Prescription Rate Control
  • Turn Compensation
  • Row level monitoring for Seed Singulation and As-Applied Population Mapping
  • Operator configured thresholds for audio and visual alarms for singulation or population
  • Field Level Summary Data: acres planted, average vs target planted population, skips, doubles, and average singulation
  • Ability to import .shp boundary maps for shutoffs or create your own boundaries
  • Supports Depth Control and Liquid & Dry Fertilizer Application

Components Included 

  • Graham Pro Dry Fertilizer Control Board

Ordering Instructions

  • Order 1 per section (up to 4)


Part No. BD-CTL-P-DF

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