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RS1 Receiver

RS1 Receiver

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RS1 is a fully scalable GPS solution that combines autosteer, GPS, and Slingshot® into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit. Incredible accuracy at both high and low speeds with quick line acquire improves efficiency and gives you the power to cover more acres in a day.

Best-in-class diagnostics gather machine performance data while you work, alerting Raven of issues and connecting you to support as you need it. The unit is designed with a simple set up and integrated help guides, enhanced further by Slingshot - providing remote support, file transfer, OTA software updates and fleet management and logistics.

Components Included w/ RS1 Only:

  • RS1 Receiver 

Components Included w/ RS1 w/ Modem:

  • RS1 Receiver with internal modem included (license for slingshot is purchased separately)

    RS1™ Receiver Features

    • Compatible with Viper® 4+, CR7™ and CR12™ field computers
    • Remote performance monitoring and support through Slingshot®
    • Enhanced Steering Performance in a wide range of terrain
    • Enhanced 3D compensation for rugged terrain
    • Simplified Field Calibration Procedure
    • Enhanced Diagnostics and Health Tests
    • Serial GPS Output (NMEA 0183) or Radar Output
    • Multi-lingual support
    • Compatible with both ISO Steer Ready and Raven Aftermarket Steering Controllers
    • Wide temperature range for inertial sensors (-40° to +70°C)
    • Fully scalable GPS solution

    Available Correction Services

    The Raven RS1 receiver is capable of receiving subscriptions improving accuracy to 2.5 centimetres (1 inch).  Inquire Today.

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