Advancing Farming through Technology and Innovation

  • Guidance Displays

    Multi-function display options to fit your operating needs. With the right Raven display, you optimize your variable rate applications, auto-steering, yield monitoring, record keeping, wireless communications, and more. Check out Raven’s high-tech displays that help you control and improve your entire operation.

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  • Raven Steering

    Raven Implement Steering allows your implement to steer itself following a set guidance line, making your workflow more reliable and preventing crop damage. The automatic steering solution ensures your implement doesn’t drift from its intended path due to weight, uneven load, or terrain.

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  • Receivers & Accessories

    Raven’s high-performance GNSS receivers provide highly accurate, reliable positioning for your precision technology. Add a truly repeatable signal to your precision agriculture applications.

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  • GNSS Corrections

    Highly accurate, reliable DGPS positioning using WAAS, EGNOS, GLONASS, and satellite GS-based DGPS correction options for our high-performance receivers. Our capabilities range from sub-meter to sub-inch accuracy, making them ideal for precision farming, GIS, and other rugged receiver applications.

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