Bird Control Group's laser bird deterrents reduce bird presence by more than 70%, making your business safer and more sustainable.

How do laser bird deterrents work?

Birds’ most developed sense is sight and they perceive laser lights on the green spectrum like physical objects. So when the laser moves toward the birds, it triggers their natural fight or flight instinct, making them flee.

Bird Control Group has dedicated years of research to develop the ultimate laser bird deterrent. By applying a combination of highly precise optics, filtering, and light frequencies. The result is exceptional performance in bird repelling while maintaining safety for both humans and birds.

  • Cost-effective

    Our laser bird deterrents are one-time investments that will bring immediate positive results. One system can cover broad areas (range up to 2,500 meters) and requires minimal maintenance.

  • No habituation

    Our bird scaring lasers approach birds from different angles at random moments. They are never predictable so birds do not get used to them. After repeated experiences with our lasers, birds tend to avoid the area where the systems are active.

  • Safety features

    Our patented safety features make sure that laser exposure only occurs when and where it is appropriate. Furthermore, all our customers are required to complete a laser safety course.

  • Automated laser bird deterrent

    The automated laser AVIX Autonomic Mark II scares birds away 24/7. This cost-effective solution can be configured, operated, and monitored through a user-friendly App.

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  • Manual laser bird deterrents

    The manual bird scaring laser uses the same laser bird control technology as the automated device. It is designed to be used where it could be less conductive to install an automated system.

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Bird species reacting to the laser beam

Bird Control Group's lasers are used in more than 110 countries and most birds respond immediately to the laser beam by flying away.
Some of the species that the laser bird deterrents effectively repel are:

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