Package Options

Our package purchase options have been specially curated by out team of industry leading Agronomists. Taking the guess-work out for you; whether you are looking for entry, intermediate, or advanced options. We also offer custom package options at request.

  • The Foundational Layer


    View all of your fields, soil tests, & fertilizer prescriptions in one quick to access, easy to see platform.

    Soil Analysis & Fertilization Consultation

    Practical advice on putting soil tests to work to increase yields and cut expenses. Provided by nationally recognized, seasoned experts.

  • Understand Your Soil

    Soil Test Interpretation

    Personalized, sample by sample, review of soil tests to unlock knowledge about the fertility needs of your fields.

    pH and Lime Recommendations

    Success starts with the basics. Fine tune the calcium, magnesium, and pH of your soil.

    Potassium and Phosphorus Recommendations

    Potassium and phosphorus are both building blocks to high yields. Find the variation in your fields and put your money where it belongs.

    Trace/Minor Element Recommendations

    Unlock the true potentials of your soil by understanding your soils minor element status and tackling trace element needs.

  • The Secret to High Yields

    Grid/Management Zone Creation

    The secret to high yields is managing the variability within your fields. Grid/management zones allow you to measure what you would like to manage.

    pH and Lime VRT Prescriptions

    Soil pH varies across every fields. GPS technology allows for exact application of the lime your soil needs, where it need it.

    Potassium and Phosphorus VRT Prescriptions

    Potassium and phosphorus vary across every field. GPS technology allows for exact application of the lime your soils needs, where it needs it.

    Trace/Minor Element VRT Prescriptions

    Trace elements are expensive, yet managing them is a key to high yields. Put them where you need them and save where you don't.

  • The Key is Automation

    Falcon Automated Soil Sampling (>10 acre sample)

    Great fertilizer recommendations start with accurate soil tests.  Accurate soil tests require lots of consistent cores in each sample. The Falcon will take 25-75 cores per composite sample.  Compare that to what you have done in the past. The key is AUTOMATION of soil collection

    Falcon Automated Soil Sampling (2.5-5.0 acre sample)

    The soil in YOUR fields varies.  We can unlock that variation for you by taking economical AUTOMATED samples at the level of intricacy that fits YOUR land.

    Falcon Automated Soil Sampling (0.5-1.0 acre sample)

    One acre (or smaller) grids is THE GOLD STANDARD of soil sample collection.  Find out how practical and economical it is.