Introducing Orkel Silage Wrap

ORKEL, in strategic partnership with ASPLA - Plásticos Españoles, S.A. (based in Torrelavega, Spain), is a leading supplier of bale wrap film to baler owners throughout Europe. Today, North American baler owners can enjoy the same cost savings and better bale wrapping through Ag To Go; the official distributor for Orkel Silage Wrap in North America.

Why Orkel Silage Wrap Is The Best

  • Innovative 7-layer technology

    The excellent regularity of all the
    technical parameters provide this 7-layer silage wrap with very tight tolerances, virtually eliminating weak points in the film, which are frequent in 3-layer films or even in other manufacturers’ basic 5-layer films.

    • Facilitates easy wrapping that will not puncture or tear, even under extreme conditions
    • 7-LAYER extrusion allows for very tight tolerances, providing excellent wrapping safety
    • Great uniformity, without any weak spots appearing
    • High adherence materials for perfectly air-tight and water-proof bales
    • This speicial 7-layer formula creates robust and compact bales which provide the best protection for long storage periods
  • The most economical silage wrap

    The silage film wrap offered by Orkel stands out as the most cost-effective choice due to its unique distribution process and superior strength. Moreover, Orkel Silage Wrap excels in strength, which translates to the need for fewer layers of wrapping.

    • Fewer wrap layers will need to be applied during the baling process
    • Resulting in a lower cost per bale in terms of film usage
    • Less frequent reloading, saving time and effort
    • As a result, the overall film cost per bale decreases significantly
    • The efficiency gains from using Orkel Silage Wrap allow for the handling of more bales per day, maximizing productivity and economic benefits
  • Environmentally sustainable

    Orkel Silage Wrap showcases its dedication to environmental sustainability. With their sustainable manufacturing practices and commitment to minimizing waste, Orkel offers a solution that supports both agricultural productivity and ecological responsibility.

    • Orkel silage wrap is manufactured using materials that are 100% recyclable
    • After use, the film can be collected, processed, and transformed into new products, contributing to the circular economy and reducing waste
    • Stronger construction allows for the application of fewer plastic layers per bale compared to other wraps
    • Increased storage capacity enables more pounds of silage to be stored per bale

Orkel Silage Wrap is 100% compatible to ALL baler makes and models!

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Orkel Recycled Film made with 35% recycled material!