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Depth Control

Graham Force allows operators to replace mechanical or air down force applications on their planter with a system that offers excellent seed depth placement capabilities, and fast response times to changes in required force to maintain desired seed depth placement during planting.

The Graham Force uses patent pending system that uses 100% wireless control boards connected to an electric actuator. The electric actuator has a self contained hydraulic chamber with an electric motor that increases chamber pressure to drive a 4” stroke actuator up and down.

Electric Planter Drives

Get rid of those chains, sprockets, and related maintenance by converting your new or old planter into an electric driven planter using Graham Electric Planter.

Graham Command Pro

Designed to integrate with the wireless control boards: MTR-80-HSP or MTR-100-EG. The controller integrates with any 3rd party GPS receiver for location services. The Graham Command Pro offers: 

Row-by-row automatic shut-offs, row-by-row variable rate, turn compensation, manual or automatic population control, seed monitoring, applied mapping detail, & planting statistics. Additional modules can control liquid fertilizer, dry fertilizer, and Graham Force depth control applications on the same tablet
and controller with additional purchase.

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