• Value

    Graham offers a range of precision ag products to enhance productivity and increase efficiency associated with planting and fertilizer application.

    Graham products were derived by a clear need identified within their own fields, and their relentless passion to find solutions to solve these problems.

    Resulting in products that provide customers direct economic and environmental impact to their business and natural resources.

  • Adaptability

    Graham products work on any planter brand or model.

    They can also be retrofitted on a wide range of planter types including twin row, narrow spacing, finger pick-up, cyclone/drum, drills, air seeders, vegetable planters, and male spiker planters.

    The Graham product line installs right on your existing meter. There is no need to replace any seed boxes or seed meters; providing customers with a level of convenience and ease-of-use like never before.

  • Savings

    Graham Electric Drives and Down Force eliminates all hydraulic hoses to control the planter population and planting depth.

    Resulting in life cycle maintenance savings, electric drive have close to zero long-term maintenance.

    By taking advantage of automatic row shutoffs and prescription map variable rate plating zones, operators can also see input costs savings related to seed, liquid fertilizer, and dry fertilizer applications.

Solutions to fit your needs.

Depth Control

Graham Force allows operators to replace mechanical or air down force applications on their planter with a system that offers excellent seed depth placement capabilities, and fast response times to change in required force to maintain desired seed depth placement during planting.

The Graham Force uses patent pending systems that use 100% wireless control boards connected to an electric actuator. The electric actuator has a self contained hydraulic chamber with an electric motor that increases chamber pressure to drive a 4" stroke actuator up and down.

Graham Command Pro

Electric Planter Drives

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