Tillage Depth Control

Improved land management by TopCon

  • Consistent residue and material chop leads to more uniform seed placement by reducing row chatter. Seed placement is the name of the game, especially in high-speed planting.

  • Consistent tillage through varying soil moisture conditions.

  • Tillage Depth Control can compensate for tillage tool sink-age in wet soil conditions or conversely, help keep depth in dry conditions when the tool rides up out of the ground.

  • Automatic depth control reduces operator interaction and fatigue giving the operator the chance to prioritize other tasks accordingly.

The payback

  • Reduce inputs up tp 5% through soil preparation and seeding
  • Increase yield by up to 5% with maximizing crop potential through improved crop emergence and health
  • TopCon brings legacy tillage implements up to and exceeds newer OEM tillage performance
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